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A refreshingly different recruitment consultancy
Enabling people to find jobs and contract work in the public and private sectors
It isn’t easy for job seekers in today’s market. It’s difficult to find the right job and even more difficult to get an interview. What can make it worse is that some recruitment agencies can waste the time of job seekers by sending them to unsuitable interviews – which is both time-consuming and demoralising.
The Synergy Group – on your side
Here at The Synergy Group, we treat job seekers as the individuals that they are: people who balance their dreams and ambitions with the practicalities of working life. We work hard to understand our candidates properly – their skills, what they want from their job, the sectors in which they want to work, and so on. With this knowledge we can more effectively place people within the right kind of roles: an environment where their skills are valued within a culture where they are comfortable.
Helping both contractors and permanent job seekers
Synergy helps both those looking for permanent roles and those who prefer to work on a contract/temporary basis. We’re one of the largest suppliers of contractors and permanent employees to organisations in the public sector and we also work with many of the leading organisations in the private sector. In each case, we work hard to secure a great deal for you – because we want you to use Synergy again and again, whenever you’re moving jobs, looking for a new contract or changing career path.

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