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Davidson & Partners Health & Social Care provides assistance in the recruitment of Team Leaders, Deputy Managers, Care Mangers, & Senior Staff working in a residential care & supported living environment.
Our health practice identifies diverse, highly skilled/experienced individuals, possessed of a strong moral purpose, irrespective of sector, who will bring a broad range of skills & add tremendous value to any organistion.
Our approach is flexible and tailored to meet the particular needs of each client. Faced with increasing complexity and challenges, we know there is a need to look for a diverse (in the fullest sense of the term) range of candidates, with the broadest range of experience and skills. Our approach genuinely does generate such candidates.
We undertake every assignment with a level and combination of thoroughness, attention to detail, transparency, candidate care and commitment to a successful outcome, which, in all humility, we believe to be unmatched elsewhere. A successful assignment is not just about making an appointment – it is about being ‘truly delighted and energised’ by the outcome, on both sides; and in an all too commonly cynical world, that is our constant goal and ambition.
Accordingly, much time is invested in communicating regularly throughout the process with both client and candidates, building rapport and trust, and testing out the viability of fit. Davidson & Partners was established just four years ago, but based on the legacy experience of our founder over 25 years, we are proud of the fact that our clients have never failed to appoint to a role sourced by Davidson & Partners and that is partly because we never give up.

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