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We do not just fill jobs. Our highly skilled office has many years of medical recruitment experience.
We understand the market and the expectations of our clients and candidates. We work with nurses and hospitals to ensure that the right nurse gets the right job with the right salary and the right career development pathway.
We give honest feedback from CV submission and interviews. We ensure nurses are placed with companies that value and support their skilled and hardworking staff.
About Us
MG Medical Recruitment firmly believes that not all recruitment consultancies were created equal. We work with our clients and candidates to enable them to meet their goals, whilst ensuring expectations are properly managed. 
We strongly believe that nurses and health professionals are the backbone of any medical organisation and only work with employers who value their staff and provide opportunities for advancement and professional development. Our purpose is not just to fill jobs, but to add value to the entire recruitment process making it seamless and providing a consultative approach. 
Enduring Values of MG Medical Recruitment
Like many companies we have a strong set of values that the company is guided by. These can be set out in four main categories that shape and guide the company and its associates.
We serve those who use our services, our customers, each other, and our communities, all with humility, compassion and perseverance. We exist to serve our customers; this is our raison d’être. This comes before any thought of making money. We understand that if service forms the centrepiece of our business then everything will flow from this. This service concept has been stated in our core purpose as follows: To make life rewarding and dignified for those who use our business and to help healthcare providers deliver better products and services
Integrity is at the heart of how we do business. At MG Medical, the ethical way is the only way. We are open and truthful, treat others justly, and do the right thing even when it is difficult. We acknowledge the reality that acting with integrity is not always easy. It may not require heroic action to be a person of integrity, but sometimes being honest, just and fair is challenging—it can even be very challenging. Integrity is not a principle if it wavers when you are pressured. Each associate has the full support of leadership as they strive to do the right thing and demonstrate professional and personal integrity.
Our employees, indeed all people, have dignity and intrinsic value independent of the work they do. We treat our Associates, and we treat each other, with respect. We vigilantly strive to meet the needs of those who use our services. In the process, we make life more rewarding for them and we ourselves become better human beings. “All people have dignity and intrinsic value.” This means all associates must show respect for the value of their fellow human beings independent of others’ work, gender, age, race or nationality. Behaving in this way is transformative. Respect given generates respect in return. And that makes MG Medical associates better human beings. This is the ultimate reward for upholding the principle of Dignity of the Person.

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